Why should one with a kind heart still receive Tien-Tao?








For those who are good “Yuan-zi” (human True Selves), they should be eager to receive Tien-Tao and to practise Tao once they know about it. The good will always care about the salvation of other people and the social morality. Nowadays, morality has been severely eroded and human carries more evil and selfish thoughts. These wicked thoughts and deeds will bring upon punishment in the forms of destructions. Those who worry about this trend endeavor to find ways to bring salvation to others. Thus once Tien-Tao is available to all, they should be joyous about this opportunity and would put every effort into spreading Tao.


Most significantly, those who received Tien-Tao can transcend the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, and return to God’s Kingdom. Thus, one is forever exempt from sufferings brought about by the cycle birth, death and rebirth, and the judgement rendered by the Judge of the Underworld. If one has a kind heart but has not received Tien-Tao, one remains merely as a good person in a sinful world. The only reward to such person is to have a good life after he is reborn. However, the reward in the form of a good life will run out someday. Upon the termination of the reward, good persons still face uncertain endings. For those who received Tien-Tao from the Enlightened Teacher with the Heavenly Decree, they transcend the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth and enjoy eternal reward. The latter is far superior to the former.


Confucius once said, “A fence sitter is a thief of virtues.” Confucius also said, “One who awake to Tao in the morning will not have any regret even if he dies in the same night.” If one ponders over these two sayings, the distinction between just being a good person and receiving Tien-Tao becomes obvious.