Can a person who lacks knowledge and wisdom improve knowledge

and wisdom by practicing Tao? (88)


If one practices Gong-fu15 diligently, one may seek knowledge and

wisdom in tranquillity.  Ancient sage said “Staying plain and simple,

one affirms his will; staying tranquil, one advances far.”  There is

another saying “Tao is learned in tranquillity.  Knowledge is acquired

through learning.  So if one has no desire to learn, he has no knowledge. 

If one cannot remain tranquil, he cannot learn Tao successfully.” 

This is why those who are arrogant cannot acquire the essence, and

those who are impatient cannot reason.  If a person stays tranquil in

practicing Gong-fu, the wisdom he acquired will allow him to excel

in both wisdom and virtues.  This kind of wisdom is different from

those gained from books and Scriptures.  Why?  It is because once

a person discovers his True Self, he acts according to the Buddha

nature and the Truth.