Life and Human Existence
Master JiGong asked,
Human existence!
What is it for?
‘It is to seek a permanent home to go to.’
He dictated a poem,
"Life is like a play
Yet how greedy we are
For the short-lived delight of the siesta (afternoon nap)
Before long all our glorious and flaming deeds shall vanish!
Before long we shall hastily live and die!"
Then he further said,
"Why contend among others and oneself
And boast about one’s wisdom and talents?
When the ‘Wind and Fire’ disperses
The old and young exists no more!
The great earth wears heroes to pieces
The white hair will soon invade the black
On the river of love (desire), how many appears and disappears?
In the burning-house, one suffers births and deaths!"
Life is impermanent
The world is just an illusory flower and a false scene
We must be able to see through this dream
We must be able to disillusion with the impermanence
Disciples! Master JiGong said,
"If you are trapped within this illusory flower and false scene
And stay unawake from the dream
You will be dragged along by the destiny for the whole life
And your mind will not be able to turn the situations around you
All the beautiful scenes will fade away with the merciless time and tide
We can only borrow the impermanent to create the permanent
Hence a clever and wise person
Will definitely make use of the shortness of time
To set up an eternal and divine undertaking"
Once my father told me
With just a blink, he was an old man of 70 years old
And he could remember very clearly
That it was like yesterday he was a young boy
How time flies!
Life is short
Be the clever and wise man
Create the permanent
Practise TAO.