Limbo Rock


People say
After darkness is dawn
But sometimes the dawn is covered with dark cloud
After the rain, there is rainbow
But sometimes there is flood
Although tough times never last
But tough men do, there are instances
When tough times are over
Some do not live long enough to enjoy it
Just like striking a lottery
One dies of over joy or heart attack
God helps those who help themselves
Unfortunately most people’ lives
Are like a limbo rock
Rocking, rocking all the times
Before one problem ends
Another one crops up
Most of it because of oneself
If a person knows how to rectify oneself
And let bygone be bygone
Forget the harm done
Cut off the hatred and forgive
There will be likely beautiful dawn and rainbow
Do not live like a limbo rock
Dance the waltz, it is graceful
Feel the love
I had a relative who recently passed away with cancer
He was a labourer who worked very hard to bring up the children
During the last few days of his life he told me when I visited him
How sad he was because after all these years of sufferings
Just about to be able to relax and enjoy life
Because children had grown up and earning livings
And he did not have to work anymore
He had to go, how pitiful!
Life on earth is such and many are like this
After all the limbo rock of life, one did not get to have peace
Then have to go and do not know where
The karma of life just takes charge
If my relative had received Tao, I would be most happy for him
As his sufferings as repayments were over and home he had gone
He was a good man, never had known to do any bad things
But good may not be enough
We have to do more than good
I do not know where he is, his soul.