Little Kitten


One day I was driving along a main road in a housing area around noon

Then I saw a small car stopped a short distance in front of me

A pleasant lady came out and carefully walked to the middle of the road

She picked up a small frightened kitten strayed there

Looking at her holding the kitten as I drove passed

What a kind hearted lady!

I am not sure whether I would do that if I saw it before her

I learned a lesson and deep inside I pondered

How much have I learned and practiced in my daily life?

I believed hundred of cars just passed and without a care or noticed

The little frightened kitten in the middle of the road

In danger and anytime would be crushed

Then I recalled around the same area many years ago

A bleeding and dying jumping cat bumped into my car as I drove passed

She was just been knocked by the car before mine

I could feel her pain when I looked at the rear mirror

Still jumping in deep pain before she died

Very often we see unfortunate animals crushed by the passing vehicles

In town and highway, I have seen quite a few unfortunate beings

Cat, dog, chicken, monkey, monitor lizardů.those that cross roads

Human too is not spared from these pains

Most people do not care if it is animal dying that way

Just too busy driving to somewhere all the time

Fortunately most people care if it comes to human

Help is almost immediate from passerby

The human heart can be ignorant or compassionate

When comes to rescue another living being in pain

Cultivating Tao is cultivating the compassionate heart

Be it in the act of saving a suffering being consciously or unconsciously

It is better to realize that pain is real to animal and man

Do not intentionally inflict pain on others

Show mercy in return we shall receive mercy