Lotus Willow Tree
Lotus, willow leaves and the vase are the main symbols
Of Goddess of Mercy to deliver a secret from Heaven
She delivered a message in The Temple of Tao of Heaven
To reveal a secret from Heaven about the Final Catastrophe
She said with great compassion,
"Oh! Oh! What a great catastrophe!
The pain inflicted causes wails and moans;
Great floods burst,
And the world becomes submerged;
Great fire spread,
And men and women are charred to ashes;
The great killer wind descends
And even ghosts and deities wail"
I have a willow tree in my small house temple
I called it 'Lotus Willow Tree'
Because the branches look like a lotus
May it be my lotus in Heaven
May you also have your lotus in Heaven                             Lotus Willow Tree
May God bless you.                                                           In my small house temple

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