Love is Mysterious

I have a friend who looked strong and manly
One day more than 15 years ago around 1993
We were together in my car talking
About problems that we encountered
He seemed sad and depressed about something
And then suddenly he revealed to me
About his broken heart because of his affair with a man
His tears were real and he was very emotional
I could feel his pain just like any other broken hearts
Although in deep shock about his secret affair
I realized that homosexuality is so real and who is to blame?
For this kind of un-natural feelings for each other
For any ordinary man, it would be hair-raising just to touch
And feeling of vomiting just to see it, not saying about doing it
It is just unfortunate for man to be involved in such activity
Needless to say how the modern day society legalize it
Another such abnormality is the actual birth of bi-sexual
The human has a male organ usually without the testicles
And the female sexual organ at that private place
We cannot blame the abnormal look later in life
And their decisions to go for sex change to terminate one organ
And become male or female of their preference
Talking about transsexual, transvestite, lesbian…etc
It is really pitiful to see them in physical form in most cases
And their work and life they have to live through
In this sorrowful world, there are normal people who go for them
To have a short fun and leave after paying some money
But if the one who after the sex change can look normal
I can see the reason that anything can happen in love
Love is blind and in this kind of case we may have to classify them
The problem of the karma meaning that it was brought forward
From their previous lives and had to take place in this life whether
In human form or animal form, whatever the gender
The two souls have to be together again to continue their lives
The feelings for the two persons of the same sex, male or female
Are the same as any ordinary couples involved in this trap of love
As I recall my friend and his genuine tears and broken heart
Who is to blame? Obviously not God but themselves
This is just a mysterious world and life too is mysterious
Love is mysterious