Marvellous Wisdom
Master JiGong asked,
"Today if you wish to obtain the marvellous wisdom
Of the light beings or the Buddha or Bodhisattva
You must first GIVE. Right?"
He further said,
"Without contributions and sacrifice
How can you obtain this wisdom?
All numerous beings are the same
When you pay homage to the Light Beings
You must first kneel down below them
But yet your heart is high up above
They want you to first put down your attachment
To the self or ego
Then only can they communicate with you in wisdom."
In the temple of TAO
The devotees kneel and bow easily
It is to first respect the Buddha
Let go of the ego
And set the hearts low and be polite, courteous and humble
Some non-devotees of TAO
Have a misconception as to why they are treated so well
In the temple of TAO when they visit them
They are worried of the motive behind it
But some really appreciate and praise them
And commend that they should learn from TAO
The manner and the discipline of the devotees
In the temple of TAO
Rules and regulations are set by the Buddha
It is a guide to discipline the devotees
So that human character can be groomed to the optimum
And to the utmost perfection, says Master JiGong
Every little thing
From offering a wet towel to wipe the hands before entering
To the serving of drinks, food and to prayer hall
There is great harmony
From these little things
Of serving to deep talk on TAO
Marvelous wisdom grows
Even by just serving the visitors wholeheartedly
Bodhisattvas are born
To serve is greater than to be served