The meaning of mercifulness


Those who have faith and believe in God always keep mercifulness

in their hearts.  To understand the meaning of the word “mercifulness”,

its two attributes must be explained.  The first attribute is to suffer with

the human race.  The second attribute is to feel the tragedies of mankind. 

Thus, mercifulness is to take the sufferings of all humans as one’s own

sufferings, and to take the tragedies of all humans as one’s own

tragedies.  Another way of looking at mercifulness is to give joyousness

and save all souls from miseries.


Humans are Buddhas; Buddhas are humans.  Mankind is drowning in

the sea of sufferings, so Buddhas vow to ferry all those who are drowning

to the world of bliss.  Without mercifulness, there isn’t any Buddha.