Message from Hell


A woman (ABC) died from Tuberculosis at the hospital

Her soul was taken to the Underworld and before The Emperor

She was facing the judgement for her life on earth

Besides her was another woman, both kneeling down

Pointing at ABC, the other woman shouted and accused

ABC for killing her on earth when they were both living

She was the one who caused ABC the TB disease

Made her suffered before she died

ABC protested and said she had never killed any human

Emperor of the Underworld then ordered ABC to appear

Before The Magic Mirror that records a personís life on earth

No evidence was found and ABC was cleared of murder charge

Her soul was ordered back to her body that still lies at the hospital

She was supposed to live again but then she spoke up

I have TB and if she was to live again, she would trouble her relatives

To take care of her and the pain she was facing

She was advised that medicine on earth would be given to her

She would not suffer from serious TB

Before her soul returned to her body

She was shown a particular place in Hell

Where souls lived like human on earth

These souls had done a balanced life of neither good nor bad on earth

There was no reward or punishment but to continue to live like human

When she was there, she suddenly heard someone calling her

A manís soul claimed that he was her neighbor on earth

Who died 8 years ago from cancer when he was about 40 years old

He gave her a message and told her his address and motherís name

The message was to visit his mother and tell her to be cautious

With her money in the coming months

When her soul re-entered her body at the hospital

She became alive again and everyone was amazed

Her story was told and people believed it was true

With her body still weak, she visited the manís mother

To convey the message and the caution given by her deceased son

Saying it was not true, the mother disregarded her words

The mother said if it was true, her son would come into her dream

After a few months, the mother came knocking at ABCís door

Told her that her husband gambled away her life saving of $600,000

Although too late, the mother was grateful and gave ABC precious medicine

For her TB where she had kept for some time

She recovered well from TB after taking the medicine

This is a true story