Divine Messages from Heaven


This main message on the right from Heaven in Chinese is the combination of 18 smaller messages from 18 different temples of Tao of Heaven in different countries from year 1990 to year 1993.


Devotees of Tao of Heaven learn Tao from these messages, where Maitreya Buddha is the Buddha of the Heavenly Court and JiGong, the Heavenly Teacher.


These 18 smaller messages delivered by different Immortals (Holy Beings) were directed by Heaven to join together finally and a figure of Maitreya Buddha appeared to give awesome meaning to the teachings of Tao of Heaven. It is beyond the ability of man to do such a divine message.


Examples of some of the smaller messages on the right to explain how the main message was done before joining the smaller messages together to form the main message. This is the treasure from Heaven advising human beings about the world to come and how we can save ourselves and to attain salvation. 


The highlighted Chinese words and figure of Maitreya Buddha in the main message are not just drawn on it. When the words were picked up along the highlighted words and figure of Maitreya Buddha, they formed other sets of messages. It is called “Sutra within Sutra” meaning “Message within Message.”



For more information on these divine messages, kindly refer to “Sutra Within Sutra”

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The Main Message comprised of 18 smaller messages from 18 different temples collected over a period of 4 years from year 1990 to 1993 .


One of the smaller 18 messages that formed the top of Maitreya Buddha above.



The above examples of Heavenly Messages are delivered during the Holy Seminars all over the world only at Temples of Tao of Heaven. What is actually Holy Seminar?


The drawing on the right is a vision of the Holy Seminar. A participant of the Holy Seminar in Indonesia, was taught that during the Holy Seminar, there are many types of beings attending. As a good artist he was given the vision to see by Heaven and the drawing done by him is actually what happened during the Holy Seminar. The beings present at the Holy Seminar are as follows:

1] Those seated in the center are the participants. 2] Those standing surrounding the participants are the Heavenly Guards unseen to the eyes 3] The Four Discipline Heavenly Masters standing at the center of each side of the Heavenly Guards 4] The spiritual creditors (ghosts, devils, revengeful souls of the participants) in white and long hair waiting to take revenge but was protected by the Heavenly Guards 5] Seven Generations of Ancestors of every participant at the back of the altar kneeling down (not clear in this drawing) 6] The Heavenly Beings on the clouds at the back of the altar.