Missed the Boat


If we missed the boat, we do not know

Whether the same boat or another boat will come

A female friend of mine recently left her husbandís house

I heard from her that her husband was violent and with fiery temper

I have met her husband many times and noticed

She was right that her husband was violent and with fiery temper

She was still young and pretty but I just wondered why that

Her husband who loved her so deeply and showing affection in public

Could beat his wife out of hot temper over small little thing

After listening to her story of how her husband turned violent

I realized every little thing in life about living together is important

From good morning to good night, from kitchen to bedroom

From office to house, from having young little kids to adult children

Both have to give and take and persevere in good and bad times

She told me that this was the second time she had left the house

The first time after she left, her husband regretted and promised everything

From controlling his temper to 360 degree change in all his bad attitude

From kneeling down asking for forgiveness to sending non-stop flowers

The second time is still in the process of seeing whether she will return

I see it as like he missed the boat this time

For her to go back to him needs a lot of courage because of his violent manner

She is now in fear of her husband and with that fear

I do not know whether she will go back

There are basically two groups of people affecting her decision

One that encourages her to go back, especially her in-laws and his friends

The other that discourages especially her good friends and family members

The difficult situation is they have two kids

A man weaknesses is that he cannot see the value

When everything was fine and taken for granted

Now that the unseen value is gone, he starts chasing like crazy

Trying all methods in the book

I am just sorry for both of them

For better or for worse

Marriage is a bond definitely as a result of the past life

Either they come to continue loving each other

Or come to continue the quarrel, a never ending story

But just like any other event in life

For anything good in life

Never missed the boat

Or too late to cry over spilled milk

It happens to million of couples

Every second, every minute, people get married and people get divorce

All over the world