Mystery Virus


When I was a young boy, I saw how a butcher slaughtered pigs
He used drums filled with water
Pigs in basket cages were then dumped heads down into the drums
The pigs would struggle making a lot of sound and then drowned
He would then lift up the dead pigs and started chopping
Nowadays butchers use sharp knives
Thrust and stab directly into the throat of the pig
The pig will cry, struggle and then die
One day while having a drink at an Indian stall at the roadside
About 12 metres away was a chicken seller with many chickens in his cage
The chicken seller was about 10 feet away from his cages
Then an Indian man came and was seen talking to the chicken seller
I could see the chickens started to jump with fright, even though 10 feet away
The chicken seller then walked towards the cage and picked up a chicken
Cut the frightened chicken at the throat and dumped it into a machine
Within a few seconds a cleaned chicken without feathers was done
The fear shown by the chickens was very obvious
Even though the seller was 10 feet away, the chickens seemed to know their destiny
Recently in Southern Vietnam, 60,000 chickens were killed
Tens of thousands of chickens were quickly sold to traders by desperate farmers
The highly contagious bird flu caused by a mystery virus was suspected
Then there was a mad cow disease in USA causing many countries to stop importing
The beef from USA, but the beef sellers assured quality control at their eatery outlets
There is a disease called psoriasis, the Chinese called it ‘Cow Skin Disease’
Because the reddish skin appears like cow skin, rough and unsightly looking
People who take beef or involve in beef business may get it
And the recent earth quake in Bam, Iran where 30,000 people perished in the rubbles
It was reported that 25% of Bam’s population were opium addicts
And it is a transit point for opium trades between Afghanistan and Europe  
They seem to be connected with meat and opium
The report by a Muslim in the paper about Iran citing God’s punishment
About the meat eating, JiGong said, ‘Back to those you must repay’
In 1976 when AIDS first appeared in the papers, while I was studying
My student housemates spoke about AIDS and I instantly replied
It was God’s punishment but it drew laughter from them
The mystery virus can be so small that no medicine can fight them
In this white period there are 81 disasters
In the red period there were 18 disasters
In the green period there were 9 disasters
The total of 9, 18 and 81 is 108 disasters
A high monk wears a necklace of 108 small beads and 3 big beads
Symbolizes the 3 periods and 108 disasters, according to JiGong
The mystery virus is one of the disasters
The worst are fire from the sky and ‘Geng Feng’, the deadly wind.