A Narrow Escape


When Tian Xiao Hui was nine years old

One evening, she went to the river-side to look for her sister

Who was swimming with a group of friends

Tian Xiao Hui watched them as she walked by

Carelessly, she fell into the river and started sinking

No one noticed and when her sister reached home

She discovered that Tian Xiao Hui had not gone home yet

Everyone was worried and quickly rushed to the river

Searching for her and fortunately she was rescued in time

She was totally cold out and her mouth had turned black

Everyone used resuscitation frantically to revive her

But she could not regain consciousness

Her father quickly sent her to the hospital

Doctors’ immediate rescue could not also revive her

Then her mother, a devotee of Tien Tao

Suddenly thought of the Heavenly Three Treasures

And used them several times silently deep in her heart

So as to get Heaven’s help to save Tian Xiao Hui’s life

Slowly she regained consciousness

Her color of face started to turn normal

And her lips slowly turned red instead of black

Upon awakening, Tian Xiao Hui told her mother

“Just a short while ago, a lady in White came to see her”

Her mother thought to herself

“Could it be Goddess of Mercy who has saved her life?”

After this near tragedy, the whole family

Was very grateful towards Heaven

They bought incense as offerings to the temple

Their insight and faith towards the preciousness of Tao deepened

And praised the reality of the Heavenly Three Treasures

Heavenly Three Treasures are treasures from Heaven

Given to only recipients of Tao during Tao ceremony

They are used in time of emergency between life and death

It is a silent call to God for help to rescue those in distress

Similar to SOS