Never, Never in Life


One day a tycoon with two wives received a death threat
Later while walking to a hardware shop
Three youths with knives and sharp objects
Attacked him and he ran into the shop
He locked himself up in a room
The youths forced open the door
Further attacked him and he managed to run out
The youths chased and slashed him
He managed to jump into his car
And drove off leaving a trail of blood
But after a short distance
He collapsed and died with a very frightened mind
A true story reported in the paper in Malaysia
I can imagine the immense fear
For that few minutes of attack
Most of these unfortunate deaths
Happen when one party has been very wrong
Usually either in business or love
Out of great anger, the injured party
May lose his mind and attack
As greed and temptation are the roots of evil
Sometimes the great wrong done
Results in a very painful and frightening death
This is reality
For billions of sinful souls in the underworld
Death after death every few minutes
The fear, pain, scream, never ends, 24 hours a day.
Pray that whatever great wrongs
One has done, do not repay in such death
Repent and repay as soon as possible
Prevention is better than cure
Never, never in life
Commit such wrongful acts and be too late
Hui Neng said,
"When neither hatred nor love disturbs our mind
Serenely we sleep"
If there is no wrong done
There will be no hatred and no revenge
Serenely we will sleep with peace
Anywhere we go we do not have to look over our shoulder
We need not have to employ bodyguard
People say if you can eat and sleep well
You are considered having a good life