Never in Life


Thanks be to God, Lao Mu, Father, Allah…..
Thanks be to Sakyamuni Buddha
Thanks be to Jesus Christ 
Thanks be to Prophet Muhammad
Thanks be to Confucius
Thanks be to Lao Tze
Thanks be to all Gods of upper and lower Heavens
Today 19/4/97 at 7.00pm, Malaysian time
I witnessed two underworld guardian angels
And a suffering soul of already 500 years
The cry and pain of the suffering soul
And the merciless underworld angels were real
The scream and the ghostly look
Where one would gnash one’s teeth were real
Never in life
Be judged in the underworld and sentence passed
Wherever you are, whoever you are
Thanks be to your God that guide you
To do good and not sin
You may not realize my concern and
Why I want to write this manifestation
It is hoped that you will realize it
Never be too late
It is meant for those who may face this after life
Repent in this world may not be too late
There is no forgiveness in the underworld
Only punishment to repay
By screaming and gnashing your teeth
Of great pain similar to burning alive
It is not a joke
Maybe the manifestation for me to see
Is to write this story
For thousands who may believe me and repent
Never in life
Do an act not forgivable by Heaven and your victim
Hell is real.
The suffering soul confessed that during the Ming Dynasty
He killed a lady and her family
Just because the lady did not want him even though he got plenty of money
For already 500 years, his soul is still suffering in the boiling oil pot
Day after day, 24 hours a day without rest
The underworld guard will catch his soul and throw it into the boiling oil pot
He will die of great pain, lifted up and poured with cold water to regain himself
And then repeat without stopping, No Mercy!