New Prince

"Long time ago in China, there was a young man
His hobby was to shoot birds with catapult
Everyday he would maim or kill the birds
After his death, the Emperor of the underworld
Sentenced him to three live times of sufferings
The first life, he would be blind after a certain age
Because he took away lives of mother birds
Making them unable to feed their baby birds
The second life, he would be crippled after a certain age
Because he maimed thousands of birds
And the third, he would be struck by lightning
In his first rebirth, after a certain age
He worked for a boss who reared thousands of cows
He took good care of the cows
And developed care and sympathy towards them
His heart became purer each passing day
He did charity with great effort
There was a small river near his place
Looking at the difficulty of the people crossing it
He volunteered to use his saving and effort
To build a bridge
His boss helped him a little in the cost of building the bridge
Almost completed, a small nail flew up after being hit
And blinded his left eye, however he continued
Upon completion he slipped, fell and hit a rock
He became crippled
During the celebration of the completion
His boss requested him to cut the ribbon on a cloudy day
Upon cutting the ribbon, a lightning struck and killed him
Everybody wondered why a good and kind man like him
Had to die such a terrible death
His boss cried and said
‘Good heart but struck by lightning’
One day the ‘boss’ was invited to the palace
To celebrate the birth of a prince, when he looked at the prince
The prince smiled and opened his palm, in there written
‘Good heart but struck by lightning’
His punishments were settled in one life instead of three
And returned as a prince because of his good hear."
So do not envy those born lucky
Or wonder why people have to die sometimes painfully
Even when they are good
They have their own reasons
God is fair, only human not