No Magic
Master JiGong advised his disciples,
"Spread TAO and cultivate TAO with all your heart and soul
Fear not difficulties and hardships
Play the role of your life well
Struggle through life and death with your best effort
Grip your teeth and jaws and step through
How many winters and summers in life can we be busy spreading TAO?
Although there would be temporal loneliness and solitude
Those who can bear and endure will never fall
Into an unending sorrow of ten-thousand ages
Disciples, do bear the temporal loneliness now
And win the joy and freedom of the ten-thousand years to come!"
In GOD we trust
A human leader may have hidden agenda
Only GOD knows
If we follow a human leader or heresy
We may not be able to reach home
According to the sutra of Maitreya Buddha
It is stated that ‘Do not simply listen to others and heresy’
I had been around to some religious places
Sometimes I just wondered and amused
How different people practised their spiritual life
Even the oddest also claimed that theirs were the highest path
And they were the luckiest and most fortunate people in the world
In the ‘Ten Admonitions’ by LAO MU
It is stated that,
"Thousands and thousands of factions and religions
Will spread throughout the world
Reciting spells, they order the wind and storm to blow dust and rocks
Pointing upward the sky cleaves, pointing downward the earth cracks
They relocate mountains and oceans
Sitting on stools, they ascend to the sky
Witchcrafts are even more bizarre………..
These are predestined in Heaven
But when the time comes…….all witchcrafts will vanish
In TAO there is no magic
Spiritual power is not encouraged
Because it may be abused and tarnished TAO
Most people are attracted by miracles and magic
It is with all our hearts and souls that TAO is spread
We believe in Master JiGong
His words and wisdom
Just simply touch us