What are the objectives of Tien-Tao?







†††††††††††††† The objectives of Tien-Tao are as follows :-

†††††††††††††† To spread the Absolute Truth of the cosmos.

†††††††††††††† Worship the Lord of all souls.

†††††††††††††† Respect all the Gods in Heaven.

†††††††††††††† Follow the law of the land.

†††††††††††††† Be patriotic.

†††††††††††††† Be responsible.

†††††††††††††† Restore the five Bonds and Eight††††††††††††††

†††††††††††††† cardinal virtues of morality.

†††††††††††††† Respect and be obedient to parent.

†††††††††††††† Honour teachers and esteem Tao.

†††††††††††††† Be trustworthy.

†††††††††††††† Live harmoniously with neighbours.

†††††††††††††† Get rid of bad habits and become good in all††

†††††††††††††† respect.

†††††††††††††† Especially, Tien-Tao affirms that Tao is the†

†††††††††††††† only Truth in the cosmos and the

†††††††††††††† Origin of all religions and faiths.


It promotes the unification of all the five great religions - Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity and Islam. It further advocates the returning of all religions into one.

It leads one to:


††† Purify the soul.

††† Be remote from lust and evil thoughts.

††† Use the limited physicals self to create an eternal life.

††† Restore the true self.

††† Return to Godís kingdom and convey the truth to

††† others.


Tien-Tao is descended to bring salvation to the world. In order to reach this goal, it is necessary to transmit the essence of Tao to people so that those who receive Tien-Tao can discover the Truth and restore their True Selves. Once they restore their True Selves eventually they will complete the Holy mission of bringing salvation to the world.


Tien-Tao promotes morality so that evil can be replaced by goodness. It is not motivated by malice or evil thoughts. It does not conflict with any society or religion. It is not a blind belief or a superstition. Its intention is stated plainly and clearly without any hidden ambition.


Tien-Tao conveys the Gospel of God to everyone. Confucius once said "if one studies anything other than the truth, one would endanger oneself".