Master JiGong said,
"Now you do not understand what REAL is
Yet even less you understand what UNREAL is
Hence, the real-and-unreal and the rights-and wrongs
Are hard to discern and hard to judge
We talk about emotion or feelings on one hand
And talk about principle or sense on the other hand
When we should ‘use the emotions’ we are too sensible then
Yet at times when we should be sensible
We are using too much emotion!
In this case,
We cannot grip Principle and Emotion at the middle
Not gripping at the middle means
‘Being loaded at one side’ or biased or prejudiced
Then one will be toiled and harmed by the one-sidedness."
Sometimes a simple wrong by one person
May lead to fight between not only two
But the whole community and race
We have seen this again and again
Because of one-sidedness
Master JiGong is referring to the ‘Way of Man’
Of how to be a man and be moderate
So that human can live in peace
Tolerance, forgiveness and respect of others will give peace
Extremism and disrespect of others will bring harm
Just like in the wild jungle
Thousand of different giant trees stood out
Sharing and having that bit of sunlight to survive
In the world the sun shines for all
Everyone has that bit of it to live
It shows Heaven is fair to all
Only human is not fair
Sometimes to the extent of genocide
To deliberately exterminate a race of people
The world has been seeing this one-sidedness
Whether we are white, black, brown, yellow or any colour
Rich or poor, any religion
One-sidedness can harm
Let’s be moderate and live in peace.
Give peace a chance.