What is the meaning of “He who attains One is a Saint?”


Wu-ji11 is the origin of Tao, and Tao is the origin of One.  When

Wu-ji changes from the ultimate quiescence, One is generated. 

This One then multiplied and evolved into the cosmos and everything

within.  So when Heaven has One, it becomes clear and pure.  When

Earth has One, it settles quietly.  When a man has One, he becomes

a Saint.


The five great religions all emphasize One.  Buddhism emphasizes

on brightening the heart to see the True Self so that all Dharmas return

to One.  Taoism emphasizes on cultivating the heart to refine the True

Self so that one embraces the Origin and maintains One.  Confucianism

emphasizes on holding the heart to cultivate the True Self so that one

can hold fast to the centre and pervade One.  Christianity emphasizes

on purifying the heart to align to the True Self so that one can pray in

quiescence and be close to One.  Islam emphasizes on strengthening the

heart to stabilize the True Self so that one is purified and return to One. 

The Saints of the five religions preached the practice of returning to

One.  Returning to One is the same as returning to the Heavenly Kingdom

of God.