People of the World


We have the kind people; we have the devilish people
We have the honest people; we have the dishonest people
We have the humble people; we have the arrogant people
We have the wise people; we have the ignorant people
People are then beautiful or ugly
People are then charming or offensive
People are then smart looking or lost looking
Be it rich or poor, right or wrong
Fortunate or unfortunate
Healthy or sick looking
Cheerful or sad looking
The world has all kinds of people
From the fairest to the darkest
The tallest to the shortest
The fattest to the thinnest
Everyone carries an identity
It is either stated in the fingerprint
The day and time of our birth
Or the number of stroke in our name
Dont you think there is something
In each and everyone of us
That cannot be changed even with plastic surgery
This is our world and there is law, seen and unseen
Follow the law of nature, the unseen one which is perfect
The earth goes round the sun
Nobody can change that
To be beautiful, charming, fortunate and wise
If not in this life
Surely in the next if we are righteous.     
But the ultimate is still
Eternal bliss
To have it is not just be good and righteous
There is more to it
Study Tao and judge for yourself
Why the causes of the unknown
Why things happen this way and not that way
The three W where millions of people often ask
Why are you born?
Why are you here on earth?
Who are you?
To know the answer
Study, practise and propagate TAO
Heaven may let you know, one day.
Just let it flow.