Perfect Universal Awareness
Master JiGong said,
"No matter what kind of karma or causal seeds
You have sown and created in the past
As long as you recognize the Truth
And cultivate honestly in this life
Your good thoughts can be sensed and responded to by Heaven
In cultivating Truth or practising TAO
It does not matter whether it is sooner or later
As long as one sets the mind on practising TAO
Even if it is late
One would achieve the Right Fruition
Which is full enlightenment or
Perfect Universal Awareness
This is similar to a plant
The branches can flourish if and only
If the plant bears a good root"
Master JiGong further advises the cultivators
"To use the wisdom
Lively and flexibly at all times
Cultivation does not stick to anything
Learn from the large-mindedness and the forgiving-spirit
Of the Old Grand Master, the Maitreya Buddha
Do learn from the Great Kindly Wishes of Maitreya Buddha
And practise deeply, honestly and strongly in everyday life
You need to self-check and root out
Some of your guilt and wrongs
Then your wisdom would be ‘opened’
And become unobstructed
You need to repent and correct frequently
And be grateful at all times to GOD."
To be grateful to GOD at all times
Is not easy especially when facing hard times
I have heard complaints sometimes
Why while practicing TAO
They still cannot overcome the hardships
Looking at them
My only realization is how long have they practised?
And how deep, sincere, honest and strong are they in their practice
With all our wrongs in the past
Can just a short practice eradicate all the wrongs so fast!
Maybe the expectation is too high
Master JiGong said vexations and displeasures
Would only be dissolved and removed slowly
Perseverance and patience was the answer.