Plain and Bland
Master JiGong said,
"Learn LIFE through your personal experience!
Nobody can escape birth, aging, sickness and death!
Besides, the sour, the sweet, the bitter and the spicy
Always stay by our side too
Then, whether you are ‘salty’ to others
Or whether you are ‘nice’ to others
People can feel and remember it too, can’t they?
Don’t be too ‘salty’
When things are salty, one cannot eat much
In being ‘plain and bland’ we can eat it forever
We would not get tired
Or be scared of eating it!
Is there anyone who drinks water so much that he fears drinking water?
(Answered: No, there isn’t)
Is there anyone who gets tired of drinking juice?
(Answered: Yes, there is)
This is TAO exactly, isn’t it?
TAO is not something rare and strange
I turn you into a beauty today
And I turn you into a devil-like creature tomorrow
Then all of a sudden
I turn you into a ninety-nine-year old man
All these are not TAO
TAO is to grow and mature naturally
Thus, you grow and mature naturally
Through learning and studying
Yet, don’t expect yourself to become a great Buddha
Overnight and forget completely the worldly affairs
You need to have wisdom to absorb
And get your experience through learning
Collect your wisdom slowly
Then your virtuous nature will be the same as the light beings" 
Being quite sometime in the TAO cultivation
I have seen many people come and go
Those who stayed are the cream
They look good and full of wisdom.
Because they are simple, plain and bland
And spiritually matured
Just like natural beauty.