Poor Animals, Poor Humans

Certain animals have to sacrifice their lives
As guinea-pig in research for cure in human diseases
Thousands of them have to go through painful death
Unfortunately certain diseases cannot be cured
But human will keep on doing the research
What cannot be cured is the real sickness
It is the sickness of karma originated from the karmic seed
What is karmic seed and from where does it come from?
It is beyond this life and looking for an answer
There is none that can be found
Except with sincere spiritual inspiration
The divine may help and it can happen
In any religious paths and we called them
Miraculous cure or divine intervention
To bring together the unseen creditor and his ‘victim’
To settle their past lives’ actions done to each other
If we have chopped off someone’s arm
It is recorded and known as karmic seed
When it matures, the seed will sprout
And grow until the same action is done
And fully repaid in one way or another
The poor animals that were sent to the research department
Could be the one that its arm will be chopped
Or given any medicine to test its reaction
Be it in animal form or human form
An eye for an eye, and a life for a life
Can never escape the wheel of karma
An action to tear out the skin of a snake
Or a heavy hammer keeps on pounding on the head of a cow
Or a sharp knife keeps on thrusting into the neck of a pig
Or a breathing frog with its body slices on the experiment table
Or a monkey with its hands and legs tied and tested upon
Are just too pitiful and merciless actions
A world full of revenges and killings
God cannot even stop it but can only send calamities and catastrophes
To stop the revenges and killings between the living beings
I can see the reason why there is a never ending story
Of every person living in this world to go through such torture
Especially the poor animals that were sent to the experiment room
There have no escape but to wait for their turn to take the blow
Poor animals and their eyes just have to close without choice
Poor human, they do not know they have a choice
Put down the knife, all killings will be stopped
And peace to the world