What are the meanings of predestined to encounter and chance to participate?








To understand these, one must first examine the cumulative merits of a person. If a personís True Self is not completely covered, he will develop and strengthen his faith as soon as he hears Tao. When his faith develop and strengthens, he will practice Tao. This is the true meaning of predestined to encounter Tao. He will not relax at all in building his merits for he is afraid of falling behind. This type of person will eventually attain Tao. This person is both predestined to encounter Tao and has the chance to participate in the Holy Mission of Heaven.


On the other hand, he who knows Tao but is not willing to learn is not predestined to encounter and he who learn but does not practice will not have the chance to participate. There is an old saying, "He who would not learn in childhood possesses no skills when grown. He who would not learn in adulthood worried as he ages". So one should never say that there is tomorrow or the next year as oneís excuse for refusal to learn will waste today or this year. One surely will regret his inaction later when he realizes he should have acted. By the time one realizes and regrets, it is already too late to catch up.