Real Buddha
          Master JiGong said,
"You must recognize clearly that in kneeling and making obeisance
You are actually bowing to your own self!
What do you worship?
You worship your own Self-Nature or Inner Being
The Inner Being is precisely a Buddha or Saint
Where to seek the Real Buddha?
Your Inner Being is Buddha
You yourself is a Bodhisattva
Do you still need to go everywhere to worship Buddha?
This very point, if you recognize clearly, you would know that
After ten years, and even twenty years, you will still be cultivating TAO
And when you live up to a hundred years of age
You will still be cultivating TAO!
If you cannot figure these out clearly, you must be careful!
Out there you’ll find people, matter and things
In all forms and in every description
They can easily lead you astray
You may willingly let yourself fall into the misery
These are the great heap of trials and tests
That the teacher has been talking about
Which is also the aim of your TAO cultivation."
When we listen to this sermon from Master JiGong
We believe this is very true
But when we mention this to people of other faiths
We are being looked at very suspiciously
Of practising occult or talking nonsense
I have spoken this and is immediately advised by the listener
Not to mention it
I can see his point of view
I realize that I can only speak to certain people and not everyone
Because not everyone can figure this out clearly
Initially when I heard this I was doubtful too
Now it is clear to me, it is indeed very true
We can only save ourselves
Buddha only points the way
We have to walk until our very own Buddha Nature emerge
It is said that if we talk and do the work of Buddha for one day
We are Buddhas for one day
If we talk and do the work of Buddha everyday
Then we are Buddhas everyday
So who is the Real Buddha?