Real or Unreal
Master JiGong said,
"Cultivating Truth
 Does not expect you to throw away the UNREAL completely
You say the parents are unreal and hence you are unfilial to them
Is that correct?
You say money is unreal and hence you don’t go to work
Is it correct?
It is only when your basic duty is completed
That you can achieve the REAL
It is only when Man’s basic duty is completed
Can one accomplish the rank of being ‘god’
It is only in having the REAL that one can see the UNREAL
However, when you have fully realized
There won’t be any more REALS or UNREALS in your heart."
Once I met a renounced person and we talked for a while
Then he said,
Who is my father and who is my mother?
To him he has no father and mother.
I do not know whether his parents need him for support
And as a person who had given up the worldly need such as money
It is easy for him to say
He even gestured and said, ‘I am not going to work!’ jokingly
In cultivating TAO
We are still lay people
We need not have to renounce
We are half laity
It is with our earnings that we cultivate and propagate TAO
We are advised to use our own earnings and not relied on charity
So that there will be lesser chance of wrongful accusations
Concerning the public fund and being gossip as
‘He is not capable of making a living’….that’s why he renounced
Or is the fund well utilized and managed?
I have heard many of these and it is really sad
Once donated with good intention
It is not necessary to check into its usage
The receiver is sometimes more burdened to make sure
It is utilized according to the wishes of the donors
In the REAL and UNREAL
Only the REAL can understand the UNREAL better.
If you already have the REAL
You can see the UNREAL.