Repayment in Kindness
A very beautiful woman was married to a man
The man had an aged mother and no others
The three of them lived happily
After a few years with no children
The man suddenly died of illness
The beautiful woman was left with her aged mother-in-law
Because of her extreme beauty
Plenty of men offered to marry and give her a good life
But she thought, what would happen to her aged mother-in-law
She was too old and needed her care
She refused to accept all the offers
And started to work to feed the two of them
Every night at 8.00pm she would walk home after work
And after some time she felt somebody was following her
Each time she looked back, there was no one
Finally one day she felt the same person
Following her until her house
She looked back and saw a female ghost
She was not afraid and asked the ghost
Why do you follow me every night?
The female ghost replied
"Actually I wanted to kill you
But I am not able to because you have a good heart
You take care of your aged mother-in-law
Despite all the good life offered to you
In your previous life, you were the first wife
I was the second wife of a rich man
Because of you I committed suicide, now I have found you
I wanted to take revenge but I couldn’t
Because you have accumulated good merits
And it protects you’"
‘What can I do for you?’ the beautiful woman asked
The ghost requested her to do further merits in her name
So that she could be reborn in a better state
She did and after some time
She had a dream that the ghost was freed
In kindness, there is great repayment.
When you want to be good
First be good to your own mother as a filial son
Otherwise everything is false and has motive
It is only then meaningful when you are good to others
It has great merits
Repayment in kindness
Is actually helping yourself.