Everybody wants freedom
Nobody wants responsibility
Unless you take the responsibility onto yourself
You will never become strong
You will never become independent
To have freedom you must have responsibility
Never always blame others
For the faults of yours
Admit you are wrong when you are wrong
Correct yourself and be responsible
Be it your work, family or any task given
Unless you have to forgo a certain responsibility
To take on a new and tougher one
Your character will be developed
Your charisma will be developed
People will take a liking towards you
Wherever you go people trust you
And you shall have credibility and love
People will follow you
As a leader you will change them
For the better in one way or another
Let it be a nourishment to one’s heart
And let it be a help to one’s spiritual growth
Not only to one individual
But let it be to the whole universe
There will be lesser sufferings in the world
If more people take responsibility
To care
To love
To share
Just with their aged parents and loved ones
There will be lesser old folk homes
There will be more love and peace in the house
15 years ago I had a colleague, my senior
A very simple and responsible good man
His wife is not really under the class of beauty
But when it comes to this subject of woman
He will tell you his wife is the most beautiful
He will reject all offers of excitement for free
His faithfulness and loyalty is immaculate to his wife and company
Today he is the No 1 staff of a very big company
With a few thousands staff
Eyes can see.