Root and Basis
Master JiGong said,
"You must take Root and Basis as your major or prime importance
Once the basis is set up
The TAO of all things will be generated
What is Root and Basis?
What does the human way contain?
‘Three Guides and Five Constants’ and
‘Five Human Relationships and Eight Virtues’
If you do not start with the Root and the Basis
But aim for the high and far (not practical )
It is not called TAO cultivation
Three Guides means
The ruler is the guide of his ministers
The father is the guide of his children
The husband is the guide of his wife
Five Constants means
Humanity, Suitability, Propriety, Wisdom and Credibility
Five Human Relationships means
Between husband and wife
Between parents and children
Between brothers and sisters
Between friends
Between ruler and his subjects or between employer and employees
Eight Virtues means
Love and respect among brothers and sisters
Frugality or being public-spirited and
Having sense of shame"
In the teaching of TAO
It is to perfect the Way of Man first
Then proceed to the Way of Heaven
TAO means the Way of Heaven
Master JiGong said,
‘It would be most unreasonable
If you cannot make yourself a perfect person’
The Five Constants are inborn virtues
That are complete within one’s inner being
Seeking TAO or the initiation of TAO
Is to awaken our inborn virtues and Buddha nature
It is the Sudden Enlightenment or GOD realization and consciousness.