Root and Source
          Master JiGong said,
"The root and source of suffering is the reluctance
To part with the material desires and bodily pleasures of the world
If one is natural and acts without purpose
One would obtain easefulness of the mind and body
The more the desire, the more the vexation (irritation, displeasure)
The more the desire, the more the craving
When craving is unfulfilled, resentment is produced
When resentment is produced, suffering and anxiety follows
In cultivating Truth, one should take joy in TAO and be at ease in poverty
Contentment gives constant joy
Take the pursuit of wisdom as your main business
Regardless of whether you have renounced the world and leave home
Or live at home as a commoner
If you stay unpolluted from the worldly pleasures
And are not defeated by the Five Desires of the world
You will naturally gain peace and balance in your life"
What are the Five Desires?
There are the five senses
Things seen, heard, smelt, tasted and touched
There are also the other five desires, ie wealth, sex, fame, food-and-drink and sleep
Once I heard a story about a spiritual master who lived in a mountain
He had many disciples and time had come for them to spread the Truth
In his last sermon he said to his disciples
You have learned everything that you have to know
On your journey to spread the Truth
You will meet the opposite gender
You will be tempted with their sight, voice, smell and touch
This, master is not able to teach or protect you
You have to defend yourself and not be trapped
It is the hardest to avoid and do not fall into it
The bodily pleasures of the world is the hardest to avoid
Even very well known spiritual leaders had fallen into it
It has upset again and again and is not new in modern society
Even the strongest faith religious leaders are implicated
It is the root of suffering for countless people
Since religious people of high standing can fall into it
It is even easier for normal people
Saint has no desires
Sage has very little desires
Ordinary people have a lot of desires  
Ignorant people are overwhelmed with desires
Root out the source of suffering.