Sad & Lost Eyes
If you look carefully at the eyes
Of animals or creatures
They are either sad, lost or fierce
Simple because they are sad, lost or fierce
A sad man has sad eyes
A lost man has lost eyes
A fierce man has fierce eyes
An angry man has angry eyes
A sick man has sick eyes
A worried man has worried or red veined eyes
A dishonest man has lying eyes
An honest and good man has gentle eyes
By looking at the eyes which is like a screen
Says a lot in a man
A thief will look out and have suspicious eyes
Develop your eyes to be gentle
People can feel you are honest
There is no intention to cheat
Even if something goes wrong
Your gentle eyes will appear pitiful
And you are more easily be forgiven
The judge will pass on judgement
Of not guilty if you are framed
Do not pollute your eyes with dust and impurities
Because of these, they do not appear gentle
Be honest and righteous
Your eyes will be gentle and pure
It will be charming even if they are small
There is no need to go for surgery for double eyelid
"Eyes are the windows of the soul," Lao Tze said
Through the eyes the doctor knows your health
Through the eyes the fortune-teller can tell you a story
Once I heard a comment from a senior police after seeing a person’s eyes
He instantly said,
He is honest, his eyes is not crooked.’
I believed because I felt the same.
Do you have a gentle set of eyes?
Cartoonists know how to express their ideas
It is through the eyes.
If eyes are the windows of the soul
Then where is the door of the soul?
When a person receive Tao
He will know where is the door of the soul
It is a Heavenly Secret and Treasure.