Saha -World
Master JiGong spoke to his disciples,
"Disciples! Letís think about this
How many happy events are there in this life?
Why must people live so without choices?
People canít help it
This is because there is a great heap of frustrations
And defects in the destiny, isnít it?
It is only in having these defects that we call this the Saha-World
It is the Land of Endurance
It is only in having the rights-and-wrongs
That we call this the Saha-World
Hence, you must stand firm within a world of frustrations
And rights-and-wrongs
Then only are you a real sage, a transcendent sage
Everybody! Donít think that
I am just a common person; what can I do?
Since ancient times, which Saint was not accomplished
And witnessed by commoners and worldly man?
Hence, we say Buddha nature or the nature to become saints
Or Buddha is equal in all beings.
All disciples!
It is only when our mind is not calm and smooth
That we look upon all things in this ruddy-dust (dazzling world) as very unequal
All are created by the mind
When your mind is not calm
Your fate cannot be smooth and satisfactory
Hence, ten thousand forms are created by the mind
Well, if you want your rough and bumpy fate to be smooth
The only thing you can do is to cultivate TAO
Or cultivate Truth to build your virtues
And to use this very heart of yours
To see through all the inequalities of the world
To perceive through this impermanence destiny
And to break and subdue the impermanence!"
The Saints look at human as the coming Buddhas
All are equal and have the same opportunity
We are told not to belittle anyone
If we are critical about others
It shows how small we are
If we praise how good others are
It shows how big our hearts are
In the rights-and-wrongs and in the Saha-World
We have to see through all the inequalities.