Saints & Worthies
Master JiGong said,
"In the past, to become Saints & Worthies
Is just an ideal saying and encouraging word
It is exactly the time now for actualization
‘A chaotic world creates saints and worthies’   
The world is exactly in a big chaos now
It is the right time and year for the examination
And selection of saints and worthies"
In the ‘Ten Admonitions’ by LAO MU
"Heaven is selecting 3,600 saints and 48,000 sages
It can be attained by anyone
Those who start late or pace slowly will wait in vain
Shape up your spirit, strengthen your courage and run straight ahead
TAO of Heaven is partially apparent and partially obscure
Beware of timing, opportunities, circumstances and be cautious
Heaven has begun the examination now, yet who realizes it?"
LAO MU said,
"If TAO of Heaven is false
The vows you have taken will be shouldered by LAO MU
And this is not to coax you."
In TAO of Heaven,
We address GOD as LAO MU
Master JiGong is the Heavenly Teacher of TAO of Heaven
He is given the Heavenly decree by LAO MU
To save beings of the three worlds
The spiritual world, human world and the underworld
Maitreya Buddha is the Buddha in charge of the Heavenly Court
So when a person is initiated with TAO
He is regarded as the family member of Maitreya Buddha
And the disciple of Master JiGong
His name is enrolled in Heaven
And deleted in the underworld
All the saints and worthies who manifested in the temple of TAO
Confirmed these words of LAO MU
Even the manifestation of the underworld Holy spirits confirmed it
This is beyond human comprehension
And has been slandered by many spiritual people
As nonsense and ridiculous
Master JiGong said,
‘Do not slander TAO if your own intent is not right’
Attainment of TAO
Is becoming Saints and Worthies.