How is salvation be brought to the deities in the spiritual world?


Now is the time for the Last Catastrophe of the Third Period to occur and the last

of the three Buddhas to amass all souls; so salvation is made available to all Three Worlds.


For those practitioners of Tao in the past who did not encounter the right time to be

brought back to Li-tien and those who were loyal to their countries, were filially

devoted to their parents, women who adhered to widowhood, and women who

died to defend their chastities, how could they perish without recognition?  So they

became deities in the spiritual world.  Since they were unable to receive Tien-Tao,

they were not exempted from the cycle of birth and death and cannot restore

their True Selves.


The Last Catastrophe of the Third Period is drawing near, and Tien-Tao is now

made available to all souls.  Many deities are looking for Introducers and Guarantors

of Tien-Tao by following Buddhas and Saints to Godís Altars, or by revealing

themselves in miracles to those whom they have encountered in prior lives and now

have received Tien-Tao.  Once these deities have found the Introducers and

Guarantors, they can receive Tien-Tao and return to Li-tien.  So they can forever

transcend the cycle of birth and death.  Thus, bringing salvation to the deities is more

difficult than bringing salvation to humans.