What are the evidences that salvation is brought to the soul of

the deceased when they receive Tien-Tao


Using Fu-luan, the soul of the deceased can be brought down to Godís
Altars and give written lectures one hundred days after receiving Tien-Tao
In the lectures, the deceased can depict clearly how he suffered in hell and
the cycle of birth and death, how he transcended the cycle of birth and death
when Tien-Tao is transmitted to him, how he reached the Monastery of Heaven,
and how he enjoys the pleasure and peacefulness afterwards.  Other items such
as the unfinished businesses of the deceased while he was alive, or any will that
was not expressed before death could also be described clearly in the lectures. 
Besides written lectures, the soul could use the body of a living person who enters
into a trance to lecture in speeches.  All these could be the evidences that the soul
of the deceased who received Tien-Tao has truly gone to the Monastery of Heaven