Bringing Salvation to the Three Worlds


Tien-Tao brings salvation to the Three Worlds: mankind, souls of the deceased

in the Underworld, and deities in the spiritual world.  This special mission of

Tien-Tao is very difficult to comprehend.  Bringing salvation to mankind is

similar to goals of other religions.  Due to the change of spiritual forces in the

cosmos, the Enlightened Teacher with Tien-Ming is descended and the door

to Tien-Tao is wide open; therefore anyone may have the opportunity to

obtain Tien-Tao if he wishes.


In regard to bringing salvation to the souls of the deceased in the underworld,

we may learn from the legends of Monk Mu-lian rescued his mother and

Princess Miao-shan rescued her father from hell as described in Buddhist

sutras.  Tien-Tao has brought salvation to in numerous souls of the deceased

in the underworld.  This can be proved by lectures from the souls of the

deceased who came to Godís Altar with Immortals or Buddhas through Fu-luan.


However, bringing salvation to the deities in the spiritual world was never

heard before.  In human history, we have only learned that the deities will bring

salvation to mankind, but not otherwise.  During this Last Catastrophe in the

Third Period, the spiritual world will destruct totally, hence salvation must be

brought to the deities.


If a soul in the spiritual world wishes to ascend to the Heaven of Truth he must

devote a long period of practice or wait for a suitable opportunity.  A suitable

opportunity, for example, is when Tien-Tao is made accessible to all souls. 

Once he received Tien-Tao, he ascends  to Heaven of Truth.  It is easier but

longer to practice in Heaven; more difficult but shorter to practice in the human

world.  Therefore, one good deed in the human world is worth more than

thousands of good deeds in Heaven.  Now that the Final Catastrophe is near,

the spiritual world will also destruct.  Some deities in the spiritual world are not

afraid to be dragged into seven emotions and six desires in the human world so

they risk themselves to be born in this world to receive Tien-Tao. Those deities

who do not wish to risk themselves in the human world may search for their

relatives or friends in previous lives to be their Introducers and Guarantors of

Tao to help them to ascend to Li-tien.


After receiving Tien-Tao, the deities can descend to Godís Altar to depict the

Truth through Fu-luan.  They will also clearly express their  relationships with

the Introducers and Guarantors of Tao in previous lives.  This can be evidenced

by lots of written lectures done by these deities through Fu-luan.


The following six questions and answers are devoted to explicit discussions of

this subject.