Why is “wisdom” the True Self and life of a person?


When we speak of wisdom, it refers to True Self and life. 

Wisdom has two attributes.  One is to enlighten to the Truth. 

The other is to manifest the enlightenment as all knowing. 

Responding to any event in accordance with the Truth,

knowing and acting as Oneness, and merging foundation

and practices are the underlying meanings of wisdom.


Why is wisdom the True Self and life?  Before one is born,

his True Self is qian and kun.  Once he is born,

qian loses its middle yang and becomes li, and kun

receives the middle yang from qian and becomes kan

So when one is born, his True Self is li and life is kan

Kan symbolizes water and wisdom.  Thus Confucian

Analects states “The wise enjoys waters”.  Now using the

Gong-fu15 of restoring the True Selves and returning to

the Origin, the water kan rises and the fire li descends. 

As the water and the fire constantly interact, the two

attributes of wisdom merges as one.  Then, how can

one not attain Tao?


Tao belongs to the Xian-tien10.  But to attain Tao, one

must practice in the Hou- tien10 Hou-tien is the changes

of yang and yin.  Thus I Ching states “The confrontation

of yin and yang is Tao”.  The Volume of Fen-tien states

“The eight trigrams flow in the body with each inhaling

and exhaling, how many persons in ancient and contemporary

times know this?  The fool searches for Tao through scriptures,

but how would they know Tao is in kan and li?”