Servants Of God
Today 1/11/2000, a devotee of TAO came to see me.
We went out for breakfast
And later to a college nearby
He was excellent in starting the conversation with the students
It is not easy to introduce what is TAO to strangers
This is the advice from Master JiGong
‘If you want your rough and bumpy fate
To be smooth and agreeable
The only thing you can do is
Cultivate and propagate the truth
To build your virtues
And to use this very heart of yours
To see through all the inequalities of the world
To perceive through this impermanent destiny
And to break and subdue the impermanence’
That devotee definitely was doing the right thing
Even he was facing difficult moments
Sincerity is hard to come by nowadays
Most people do things with motives
To preach the truth
One must be truthful and sincere
It must come from the heart
And expect nothing in return
I can see many devotees of TAO
Use their hearts to propagate the truth
They encounter many obstacles and hardships
Yet they persevere
And swallow the bitterness of rejections and slanders
They have gone through their experiences
This I can vouch for them.
From my heart.