What is “The method of freeing oneself from shackles”?


To “free oneself from shackles” in Buddhist Sutras means to

unleash from the shackles of false images and be free from the

sufferings of the Three Domains22.  The only method of “freeing

oneself from shackles” that does not dwell on any images is

instantaneous enlightenment.


Buddha virtues are based on ceasing doubts and establishing faith,

guided by being remote from marks or images, and built on not

dwelling one’s heart anywhere.  By establishing Buddha virtues,

one can free his True Self.  To free the True Self means that the

True Self is freed from shackles.  If one can understand the reasons

for the sweetness and the bitterness he encounters, constantly keeps

tranquility in his heart, resolves all actions and inactions with his

True Self, responses to whatever he encounters, and remains tranquil

as event passes, he would not be far from seeing his True Self.


We must know that a million acres of land cannot belong to a

person forever, spouse and children cannot be together forever,

and wealth, which needs to be looked after, doesn’t last forever. 

The only thing that is everlasting is the True Self given by God. 

If one practices Tao, he can become a Saint.  If one ignores his

True Self, he will become a ghost.  To be happy or to be pathetic

solely depends on one’s own doing.  If one practices Tao with

sincerity and tenacity, it’s not difficult for him to be “free from