Short Freedom
One day in late 1996
I was having a drink at a stall
Beside was a shop selling birds
Looking at the beautiful birds and the crowd
I studied their faces
They were certainly lack of compassion
Then one of them tried to feed a bird in a cage
A small and very beautiful yellow bird
Priced at RM100 each
In my mind, I wished the bird would escape
True enough it escaped and flew away
Within the next few seconds
Three crows from nowhere attacked it
It was injured and the crow held it
Tightly in its claws and standing on a tree branch nearby
The man from the shop frightened the crow from below
The crow dropped the yellow bird
Injured and could not fly, it dropped to the ground
The man picked it up, grinning
What a short freedom!
In life we can also see many of such happenings to human
The prisoners may escape but most likely will be caught again
Likewise we are trapped in this world, a bigger prison
Sooner or later, will be caught again and again……
Birth and death, birth and death……again and again…..
From one body to another….. endlessly
The eternal soul is forever trapped in one form or another
Unless we know the real freedom
Treasure the temporary freedom we have on earth
Earn the permanent freedom in Heaven
Receive Tao, Cultivate Tao and Propagate Tao
And be free forever
This is true because I had seen our seniors who had passed away
Came back as immortals, saint, bodhisattva……in the Temple of TAO
The Buddha said
To be a Buddha is not a dream’
It is real.
Go for the real wholeheartedly
One day you will know and agree with me
Either here or in Heaven!
If we ever meet!          
May you have the real freedom
And not short freedom like the little bird
Salvation is the real freedom.