Simple Living
Unnecessary possessions are unnecessary burdens
If you have them, you have to take care of them
If one takes a hiking trip in a wilderness by foot
Walking all day in the sunshine
And sleeping all night under the stars
One will learn quickly
Unnecessary possessions are unnecessary burdens
One will realize what the essentials of life are
Such as warmth when one is cold
A dry spot on a rainy day
The simplest food when one is hungry
Pure cool water when one is thirsty
One will soon put material things in proper place
One will soon experience and learn
To appreciate the great freedom of simplicity
One will know how to value
The tasty fruits ripe from the tree
Then, what is there to fight about?
What is there to argue about?
What is there to be greedy about?
What is there to be angry about?
What is there to be selfish about?
There is none to fight for, no big car, no big house, no property….
Live a life free as a bird
Sing out your most melodious song
Live a life of peace
Love your neighbours as yourself
Replace evil with good
Replace falsehood with truth and
Replace hatred with love
You shall see how happy you can be
When you switch your mind to simple living
Three meals a day, sufficient clothing, a little money, a roof over your head
No longer craving for big car, big house, big money, no jealousy
But the mind is always thinking positively and selflessly
Can I attain Tao?
When I have my last breath
A selfless and healthy thought
This is the thought of the saints
A saint is without desires
Although human cannot be perfect
But JiGong expects us to be perfect
In the way of man or the Tao of man
Only then we can appreciate the Tao of Heaven.