Is it a sin if one does not practice Tao after receiving Tien-Tao? (29)


Those who receives Tien-Tao must have a purpose or he would not have

the thought of receiving Tien-Tao.  The purposes of receiving Tien-Tao

obviously is to avoid catastrophes and disasters, and to transcend the

cycle of birth, death and rebirth, which can lead to the enthusiasm of

receiving Tien-Tao.


To avoid catastrophes, we must first realize why catastrophes will come. 

Catastrophes do not materialize without a cause.  Catastrophes result

from the sins accumulated by mankind through many lives.  That is why

if one wants to avoid catastrophes, one must first repent all his sins. 

Repentance can be manifested as honouring to Teachers, respect to Tao,

and the practice of doing good deeds and suppressing evil thoughts. 

Only by doing so can we follow the Truth and our sins will be forgiven. 

When we all repent and are forgiven, we can bring salvation to ourselves

and avoid catastrophes.  At the same time, we also fulfill our purpose of

receiving Tien-Tao.  If one does not repent and practice Tao, not only his

sins are not forgiven, he sins more and in turn, leads to more catastrophes.

 When his time is up and catastrophes come, such person certainly cannot

escape from them.  Even worse, he cannot transcend the cycle of birth,

death and rebirth, and has to receive his punishments in Hell.


In summary, sins committed by mankind are the causes of catastrophes. 

Catastrophes are the results of sins.  Once one understands this rule,

one must practice Tao after he receives Tien-Tao.  If not, one cannot

fulfill his vows and sins.  When one sins, he is the only one who has

to face the consequence