Singing of the Frogs and Crabs

As my house in my small hometown
Is a few kilometers away from the town
Going home is always a pleasant one
I could hear during the night
The singing of the frogs and other night creatures
By remaining silent in my room before falling asleep
The sound of nature
Blends harmoniously into my mind
There is always great peace, real peace
Even when sometimes there is a heavy downpour
The sound of the rain and the creatures
Reminds me of creation and its beauty
The great soothing sound of nature the feeling
That no man-made music can compare
I understand why certain yogis
Renounce the world for
The love of nature
But in the world of materialism
People have all sorts of plans to harm
The peace of another person
How I wish by going into the jungle
An aggressive and dangerous person could learn from nature
Listen to the beauty of the singing of the frogs and crabs
And have no heart to catch and cook them
Let the jumping frogs jump and the crabs walk sideway
And let them sing to sooth our tiring minds
May nature tells us
Every single piece of creation
There is immense beauty
Treasure it
Nowadays we see extinction of many species of lives
Either they cannot survive due to human faults or
Punishments by mother nature called the law of the universe
Where one day thousands or millions will just drop dead
We can see fishes by the thousands just die
It can also happen to human, just die
Either a mysterious illness
Or any unexplained causes
We may not hear the singing of the frogs one day
Or any of the beautiful creatures living side by side with us
If you have the right to live peacefully
They also have the right to live peacefully
Give them their rights to live with us.
They will give us peace unknowingly.