Single Grain of Rice

For a single paddy grain to change to rice
It takes months of growth
Considering the length of time
Before it can appear on a plate as rice
Every single grain of rice is important
Says the Holy being
One day I saw a five cents coin on the road
I picked it up and put it into my pocket
When I came to a fruit stall
I decided to buy a piece of pineapple costing 40 cents
Checking into my pocket
I had exactly 40 cents
Including the five cents I picked up
Otherwise I only had RM50 notes
Certain people who spend lavishly
Take life as if tomorrow is their last day
When tomorrow is not the last day
They will start borrowing here and there
And create their bad images
For those who really try and spend frugally
But yet fail to make ends meet
Their borrowings will have sympathy
And still have credibility
It is sad to see
So much food and money wasted unnecessarily
The Taoists say
Those who waste food unnecessarily
And have no sympathy towards those without food
In their next rebirths
They shall be Hungry Ghosts
Value every single grain of rice
In the temple of TAO
I heard my Grand Master
Never wasted even a single grain of rice
The water for washing his face was later used for watering the plant
The fruits dropped from the tree fully ripe with some bad parts
Were never thrown away but eaten on the good part
Frugal, because he valued every little thing that was God given
Now, millions bow before him everyday in the Temple of TAO
When he passed away in1995
The Holy beings said
There was a day of no punishments in Hell
For billions of sinful souls
A holiday in Hell.