Six Domestic Animals
Master Jigong said,
"Some people sacrifice a lot for worldly affairs
They sacrifice their merit and virtue
Because their occupation have done harm
To the six domestic animals
They are horse, ox, sheep, chicken, dog and pig
So they must exchange their guilt with merit and virtue
Peoples’ karma or fate
All have their causes and consequences
If you have sown a bad cause
You must build up and create more merit and virtue than others
Otherwise, the home of your heart and soul
Would be unable to stay calm and peaceful
Then, you are unable to cultivate your mind and spirit
Slowly, your mind and spirit will be stained
With dirty spots (impurities)
Then the path of your TAO cultivation
Will become even more rough and bumpy"
On the right livelihood taught by Sakyamuni Buddha
It is advisable to avoid rearing animals
For food as a business
Recently an ordinary TAO devotee intended to do aquaculture business
Master JiGong advised him not to proceed
And also another devotee planned to go into selling ostrich’s tonic
By being the sole agent for an ostrich farm
To market their tonic which claimed to be good for the body
I advised him not to do so
Of late I heard a prominent businessman
Selling beef had a skin disease called psoriasis
Non-Vegetarians do not think like Vegetarians in terms of food
So rearing animals for food is an honest livelihood to them
Or they do not classify as harmful to their spirit
Or they are not interested in the cultivation of the mind and spirit
Until it is too late to rectify
Just like the awful sight of skin disease or terminal illness
The six domestic animals are just pitiful
Because always there will be people
Who like to eat them or rear them as companions or interest
Sad are those
Which have to walk on four legs.
Called animals.