Why there are slanders even though Tien-Tao is true? (9)


Confucian Analects states “A tune with high pitch has few who

can harmonize.  Tao when spreading arouses disparages.  One who

cultivates virtues draws slanders.”  Tien-Tao is vast and profound,

so ordinary scholars could not fully comprehend It.  The lack of

comprehension leads to bemusement and doubts.  It is not unusual

for the bemused to slander or to come to subjective conclusions.


Confucius said “A practitioner of Tao, who does not become irate

when the ignorant is against him, is a true practitioner.”  Tien-Tao

will not flourish without slanders.  The Buddhist Sutra states “For

every slander brought about, an equivalent weight of debt is being

paid off.”  When Confucius travelled through various states to

spread Tao, he was constantly slandered.  After he attained Tao

and returned to Heaven, his name remained in the world forever. 

His worshippers are all over the world and so are temples to serve him.