Sleeping Gown and Slippers

A man was so obsessed praying to Goddess of Mercy
That day and night his heart was only for her
He mistreated his mother at home
And could not care much for her
Except for the Goddess of Mercy
One day he heard that at a certain temple
Up in a mountain, there was a Goddess of Mercy
Who was very compassionate towards mankind
And her advice and predictions were very accurate
He rushed to the mountain
After telling his mother that he might be home late
On the way he met a Taoist monk
And the monk told him
The Goddess of Mercy was in his house now
‘If you see a woman in your house
Who wears her sleeping gown inside out
And wears her slippers wrongly
She is your Goddess of Mercy’
Full of excitement he rushed home
Upon reaching the house
He banged on the door excitedly and asked his mother
To open the door quickly
His mother jolted up from her sleep, feeling dizzy
Quickly wore her sleeping gown and slippers
And went to open the door
The son upon seeing his mother; saw that
She was wearing her sleeping gown inside out
And slippers wrongly
Remembering what the Taoist monk had told him
He immediately knelt down, cried and asked his mother
To forgive him
If you want to be good
First be good to your own mother, otherwise everything is false
Before the miracle of the leaves happened to me in 1993
I was never filial towards my mother
Sometimes I might even mistreat her for words spoken by her
I was naïve and did not know it was for my own good
The love and care I did not realize, appreciate and value it
Now my mother is gone and whenever I recall
I just can’t help my tears from flowing down
A foolish man but thank God I have shown three years of filial piety
Before her last breath, deep inside I cry at times
How I wish I could do more when she was alive
Don’t be too late, if you still have.