Sleeping with your Foe

Once started with a fairy tale, full of excitement
Vowed to love and live together
As husband and wife forever
For the better or worse
Many of these fairy tales are just dreams
Within few months or years
Instead of sleeping with your loved one, it could be your foe
A single touch could trigger irritation
And endless quarrels, just like a boxing match
And some even charged each other in court
Of raping the wives or violent abuses or beatings
The excitement just simply dies
It is most saddening if one has children
The pain of parting for the one who is hurt is beyond description
Buddha says
Parting with loved ones
Is one of the greatest sufferings in a person’s life
It really breaks a person’s heart down into thousand of pieces
Some resort to end their own lives
Some even end the lives of their children together
Some come back and take revenge
Some even kill their ex-husband or wife 
If only one knew
Sleeping with a loved one
Would turn out to be a foe
One would not dare to tie the knot
Unfortunately one never knows until the time comes
We have heard how while sleeping, a man’s manhood had been cut off
How boiling water had been poured over
How oil had been poured and then set on fire
How acid had been poured…….etc
It is frightening and real
But if one is faithful, this will never happen, a good karma
It is bad karma of life already ripe and take form that causes this
Both had to be husband and wife first to form a strong bond
The closest to each other so that revenge can be done easily
A painful one if it has to be a painful one
Either physically or mentally, it can torture one to the extreme
The deeper the love, the deeper the pain
One may also just end one’s life
It will be more shameful
If the couple is of the same gender
Worse if they are well known celebrities
The whole world will know, so sad.